whirlessence: taking flight (fly, whirl)

the deepest secret nobody knows

the root of the root

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Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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1920s, 19th century, absurdity, alice, alice in wonderland, anais nin, angela carter, animals, archetypes, art, art journals, art nouveau, arthur rackham, autumn, birdsong, black books, bohemians, books, bronte sisters, cats, cello, cocteau twins, cold days, collage, compassion, creativity, crows, cups of tea, daguerreotypes, dartmoor, dead can dance, details, dreaming, dusk, early music, edith piaf, edward gorey, edwardian, edwardiana, emily bronte, ephemera, ethereal, faded grandeur, faeries, fairytales, fascination, fleamarkets, folk, folk music, forests, fragments, froud, ghosts, gothic architecture, grace, green wing, happiness, happy rhodes, hares, highgate cemetery, history, home, humanity, intensity, ivy, jan saudek, jan svankmajer, jeff buckley, john william waterhouse, joni mitchell, julia margaret cameron, jung, kate bush, layers, leaves, leonard cohen, lewis carroll, listening, mazes, mediaeval, mist, moon, moors, moss, museums, music, musk, my brightest diamond, mystery, nature, nick bantock, nick cave, oak trees, old graveyards, old houses, old photographs, old souls, old things, paris, photography, piano, pj harvey, poetry, pottering, pre-raphaelites, quiet places, rain, ravens, reading, relics, romance, rossetti, ruins, sacred places, secret gardens, secrets, sepia, shadow, show of hands, silent films, silk velvet, sleeping, spirit, stained glass, stevie nicks, strange beauty, subtlety, symbolism, synchronicity, tea, tea rooms, tendrils, the beatles, theda bara, touch, trees, vegetarianism, victorian, victoriana, vintage, vintage ephemera, vintage photography, violin, wandering, whispers, wild flowers, wings, witches, woods, words
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